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The girl's program at United FC continues to improve. Over the last 3 years, the club has hired Chuck Morales and Kevan Farrell to lead the girl's side of the club. In doing so, the girls are beginning to attract a higher level player to the club than in years past. This has resulted in a more competitive environment for our girl's teams. The U7-U8 Academy program is on a steady increase and will begin showing results in the coming years.

Our older girl's team strive to be competitive at the gold and premier level. Furthermore, our older girl's teams continue to participate in College Showcase tournament in San Diego, Texas, Northern California and Las Vegas. This has resulted in 10+ players over the last 2 years moving into colleges across the nation.

Younger Teams (U7-U12)
The U7-U12 age groups will focus on the FUNdemental Phase of soccer development. This stage is also known as the Romance phase where the most important stage of development occurs. This "golden age of learning" will focus on the acquisition and mastery of individual skills such as inside of the foot turn, outside of the foot turn, using all surfaces of the foot to manipulate the ball, dribbling, passing and driving a ball.

Sensitive teaching by our coaches will instill confidence to our players. Agility and balance will also be emphasized with individual and small group tactics introduced. The coaches at this level will be able to demonstrate technique, show enthusiasm, and create a love for the game to our players. Playing time for all players at the lower age groups will be emphasized.Players are encouraged to be creative and begin watching high level soccer on TV.

Older Teams (U13-U19)
The U13-U19 age groups include the three F stages. U13-U14 include the Formal stage of development where players learn that their COMMITMENT to the game will determine their level of success within the competitive arena. Teams at this stage are vying to compete at the silver elite and gold level of league play. Increased demands are placed on their time as well as a higher level of commitment, discipline, technique and tactical knowledge.

U15-U16 include the Fervid stage of development. This stage is characterized by a player's self identity within their respective team. The Fervid stage requires that players be extremely efficient in their technical development at match speed. Players at this stage are encourage to tryout for their high school varsity team and should also begin preparing for future college soccer opportunities. College Showcase tournaments are emphasized requiring travel outside of California.

U17-U19 is the Final stage of their development within United FC. At this stage, our teams are expected to be at the gold or premier level of competition as well as be competing for a state championship. Players are expected to treat their soccer commitment as though they are professional or college level players. Mastered technical skills should lead to artistry and the players should have a high level of tactical knowledge, gamesmanship and decision making.

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